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Senior Session!Vinton Fall Family Portraits!Benson Fall Family Portraits!Dave and Nicole's Destination Wedding!Bryan and Lacey's Wedding!Myers Family Portraits!Merski Family Portraits!Drew's Senior Portraits!Mike and Megan's Engagement Sitting!Matt and Katie's Engagement Sitting!Ian and Lacey's Engagement Sitting!Nathan and Katelyn's Engagement Sitting!Fall Mini Sessions - Sambuchino FamilyFall Mini Sessions - Richardson FamilyFall Mini Sessions - Nicastro FamilyFall Mini Sessions - Lincoln FamilyFall Mini Sessions - Fronzaglia FamilyFall Mini Sessions - Youngs FamilyFall Mini Sessions - Viviano FamilyFall Mini Sessions - Strong FamilyFall Mini Sessions - Stanopiewicz FamilyFall Mini Sessions - Shamburg FamilyFall Mini Sessions - Schneider FamilyFall Mini Sessions - Digello FamilyChuck and Emelia's Wedding!Olivia Turns 6!Cody and Megan's Wedding!Ed and Amber's Engagement Sitting!Jason and Jocelyn's Wedding!Kacprowicz Family Portraits!Shannon Family Portraits!Infinity Luxury Vinyl Stock 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Wedding!Matt and Alicia's Wedding!Lindsey's Senior Portraits!Sinnott Maternity Photos!Sam and Emily's Wedding!Tim and Erica's 3rd Anniversary!Matt and Mackenzie's Wedding!Jack's Movie Premiere!Persinger Family Portraits!Erik's Senior Portraits!Dustin and Michele's Wedding!Stano Pregnancy Reveal!Lindquist Pregnancy Reveal!Justin and Lauren's Engagement Sitting!Bennett Family Portraits!Jonathan and Bridget's Wedding!Dave and Rianna's Wedding!Adam and Lauren's Wedding!Rob and Rebecca's Engagement Sitting!Blackmer Adoption!Ian and Rachael's Wedding!Dan and Kristen's Wedding!Ken and Amanda's Engagement Sitting!Neal and Ashley's Wedding!Fetzner Family Portraits!Brian and Amanda's Engagement Sitting!Amatangelo Family Portraits!Dan and Jackie's Wedding!Garrett and Leslie's Wedding!Greg and Jamie's Wedding!Marofsky Golf MemorialChris and Allison's Wedding!Baldauf Spring Portraits!Sean and Natalie's Destination Wedding!Vinton Spring Portraits!Starr Family PortraitsWine on the Lake 2014Bruce and Melissa's Engagement SittingStrong Family Portraits!2014 Spring Fest at Peek'n PeakGoodrich Family Portraits!Brad and Casey's Engagement SItting!Mike Folga's Stanley Cup PartyTony and Kelly's Wedding!Adam and Andrea's Wedding!Sinnott Inagural BallDan and Kristen's Engagement Sitting!Dan and Maureen's Wedding!Christmas at AuburyJoe and Heather's Engagement Sitting!Ryan and Ali's Engagement!Young Family Portraits!Ryan and Amy's Wedding!Mong Family Portraits!Fox Bar Mitzvah!Dave and Rianna's Engagement Sitting!Brandon and Rebecca's Wedding!Warren Anniversary Party!Bailey Family Portraits!Benson Family Portraits!Rob and Kara's Wedding!Scott and Deana's Wedding!Horstman Family Portraits!Nick and Camilla's Engagement Sitting!Jeff and Emily's Wedding!Ben and Liz's Wedding!Radtke Fall Family Portraits!Blackmer Family Portraits!Brandon's Senior Portraits!Andrew and Amanda's Engagement Sitting!Ryan and Amanda's Wedding!Tyler and Kaitlin's Engagement Sitting!Vinton Family PortraitsJared and 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Jude's Wedding!Dan and Danielle's Wedding!Chris and Melissa's Wedding!Sam and Emily's Engagement SittingChris and Colleen's Family Portraits!Dan and Maureen's Engagement Sitting!Josh and Brianne's Wedding!Dave and Nicole's 4th CelebrationYPC White PartyWilliams/Guerriero Stag and DragScott and Meghan's Wedding!Garrett and Leslie's Engagement Sitting!Sean and Theresa's Engagement Sitting!Sean and Natalie's Engagement Sitting!Vinton Summer PortraitsSantillan Family PortraitsChris and Janet's Wedding!Jon and Amanda's Wedding!Ben and Liz's Engagement Sitting!Marofsky Memorial Golf TournamentJason and Kim's Engagement SittingRyan and Amy's Engagement!Emmanuel Presbyterian Church - Mother Daughter Banquet2013 McDowell Prom2013 MS WalkBarber Beast on the Bay Trial RunStanopiewicz/Belfiore Spring Portraits!2013 Addy AwardsERCGP - Celebration of ExcellenceEvan and Colleen's Wedding!Scott and Deana's Engagement Sitting!Lilly Broadcasting HeadshotsKaitlyn's Sweet 16 Party!Bill and Siobhan's Maternity Portraits!Ethan Turns 1!Spring Fest at Peek'n Peak!Wine on the LakeKelly Jacobs-Tapper BenefitJason and Jocelyn's Family Portraits!The Third Annual MSqueradeAndrew and Kristin's Engagement SittingTrail Cam Day at Peek'n Peak!Dan and Danielle's Engagement Sitting!Alice's 40th Birthday Party!Johnson Family PhotosZack and Catlin's Wedding!Ricky and Morgan's Wedding!Rob and Nicole's Wedding!Conor's Birthday PartyRadtke Christmas PortraitsHoffman Family PortraitsPeek'n Peak - King of the Mountain CompetitionBelfiore Christmas PortraitsJake and Katie's Engagement SittingMike and Jenn's Wedding!Teller Christmas Portraits!Santos Christmas Portraits!Young Family Portraits!Chiodo Family Portraits!Minor Christmas Portraits!Zack and Catlin's Engagement Sitting8th Annual Lisa Palombi Memorial Bowling TournamentSteve and Julia's Wedding!Nate's Senior Portraits!McNally Baby Portraits!Benson Family PortraitsMichael and Michelle's Engagement SittingMong Family PortraitsRoss and Shawna's Wedding!Dan and Meghan's Engagement Sitting!Steve and Lindsey's Engagement Sitting!Rob and Nicole's Engagement Sitting!Joey and Rachael's New House!Ryan and Amanda's Engagement Sitting!Patrick and Marissa's Wedding!Jim and Molly's Wedding!Shawn and Sara's Engagement Sitting!Chris and Jennifer's Engagement Sitting!Luke and Kara's Engagement Sitting!Tom and Ashley's Wedding!FAT Tee Fall Look BookJon and Tiffany's Wedding!Jim and Jodi's Wedding!Natalie Turns 1 Year Old!!Ken and Michelle's Wedding!Tony and Emma's Wedding!Joey and Dianna's Engagement Sitting!Jon and Shelly's Wedding!Dan and Jaylan's Wedding!Matt and Amanda's Wedding!Ben and Erika's Wedding!Scott and Jennifer's Wedding!Bryan and Kacie's Wedding!Tim and Erica's Anniversary Shoot!Berg Family PortraitsOn the Avenue Photo ShootDavid and Megan's Wedding!Seth and Amanda's Wedding!TJ and Amanda's Maternity SessionJustin and Katie's Wedding!Josh and Dana's Wedding!Lexi Turns Five!Belfiore Summer PortraitsBen and Jenna SperryMinor Family PortraitsRudy and Andrea's Wedding!Matt and Amanda's EngagementChris and Jennifer Chen's Wedding!Bryan and Kacie EngagementJim and Katie's Wedding!Lisa and Ryan Bruskevith's Wedding!Brandon and Jess's Wedding!Jon and Shelly's EngagementNatalie Turns 9 Months!Dance Vibe Send-OffDavid and Megan's EngagementMSQueradeJosh and Dana's Engagement SittingMark and Sarah's WeddingMadison Irish 1 year shootNatalie Turns 6 Months!Jordan and Kim's EngagementEberly Family PortraitsJohnson Family PortraitsGoodrich Christmas PortraitsYPC - "Do You Hear What I Hear?"Dan and Melissa's WeddingScott and Jennifer's Engagement SittingDavid and Katie's WeddingRoss Christmas PortraitsHorstman Family PicsHermann Family PortraitsCaden CallenderRadtke Christmas PortraitsKleck Family PortraitsBelfiore Christmas Portraits 2011Ryan and Amanda's WeddingBresee Family PortraitsNatalie Vinton - 3 MonthsAustin and Laci's Wedding7th Annual Lisa Marie Palombi Memorial - Bowl for VNA HospiceDave and Meghan Badolato's WeddingLogan Turns 1Tom and Ashley's Engagement SittingTony and Emma's EngagementAlyssa Turns SevenSteve and Julia's EngagementDan and Jessica BurickCarmela and Jeremy's WeddingGary and Jancy GarmanRob and Anne's WeddingKara Drapcho's Senior PortraitsRoss and Shawna's Engagement SittingBrandon and Jess's Engagement SittingKen and Michelle's Engagement SittingDavid and Katie's Engagement SittingChristianson Family Portraits2011 Rock Erie Music AwardsFelice Family PortraitsBen and Erika Engagement SittingMatt and Nicole NowakowskiAaron and Beth ShipmanMadison IrishRyan and Lyndsey Burdick's WeddingNatalie Vinton - 1 MonthTravis and Cathy Reich's WeddingRandie Turns ThirteenBerg Family PortraitsJim and Katie's Engagement SittingPat and Megan Goodrich's WeddingEGEFCU/EFCU 2nd Annual Million Dollar ShootoutLexie's Turns 4Sean and Christine's WeddingSculley Summer PortraitsJeff and Lauren Peters's WeddingBelfiore Summer PortraitsBrian and Rachael SmithMulvihill Family PortraitsMatt and Nicole Engagement SittingAndrew and Luanne CarlettiAaron and Mia SannerRyan and Lyndsey's Engagement SittingDowntown Erie Criterium 2011Maddie's BaptismEarly Family PortraitsKyle and Yori WoodsideJenn and Scott SoltisThomas and Johanna SmithTherapy Dogs UnitedAndrew and Luanne's EngagementJosh and Jenna Novotny2011 Addy AwardsFritz and Megan RandolphBrian and Rachael's Engagement SittingBelfiore Christmas PortraitsDan and Brianna CullenLisa Marie Palombi Woodruff Charity Bowling EventJon and Amy ChidoTony and Stephanie IesueColleen and Chris GrossKyle and Yori Engagement SittingSara and Devin CrueaKanzius Karnival 2010Megan and Pat's engagement sittingJen and DJ's EngagementPaul and Andrea LehmanAaron and Mia's EngagementErie Criterium 2010Brad and Conni BentonScott and Jenn's Engagement SittingPaul and Andrea's Engagement SittingRadomile Family PortraitsDan and Brianna's EngagementChris and Anna GuilianoChris and Colleen's EngagementNathan and Deanna ManuelCaden's BaptismGregg and Sarah Moffett